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San Diego’s Bonkers Toys will create and distribute new toys based on the YouTube sensation “Skibidi Toilet.” Photo credit: Courtesy

San Diego’s Bonkers Toys has signed a worldwide, multi-year licensing deal with Invisible Narratives, the digital studio created by Hollywood power brokers.

Under the terms of the agreement, the toy company, according to a news release, will manufacture and distribute toys based on the record-setting animated YouTube series “Skibidi Toilet.”

The partnership between Bonkers Toys and Invisible Narratives, led by former Paramount and Dreamworks SKG President Adam Goodman and Chief Creative Adviser Michael Bay (director of The RockArmageddon, films in the Transformers franchise and more), will bring “Skibidi Toilet” toys to major retailers beginning this fall.

The series, created by Alexey Gerasimov (aka Boom), has amassed over 65 billion views since its debut last year.  The sci-fi series chronicles the adventures of an alliance of humanoids with TVs, cameras and speakers for heads in their fight against Skibidi toilets – toilets that aren’t just bathrooms fixtures but living, scheming entities with ambitions of their own.

“‘Skibidi Toilet’ is a pioneer of its kind, the first epically viewed narrative series with all the right ingredients to position it as the next massive franchise,” said Brian Bonnett, CEO of Bonkers Toys. “As a toy company that specializes in non-traditional content that resonates with kids, we are thrilled to work with Michael Bay, Boom and Invisible Narratives to produce toys that capture the ‘Skibidi’ experience for its millions of fans worldwide.”

The upcoming toys, according to the company, “will capture the spirit and humor of the record-setting YouTube series, translating its digital charisma into tangible icons that resonate with a broad international audience.”

Bonkers Toys has become known as a leader in YouTube and creator-based toys, serving as the first licensee for Ryan’s World, with flagship toys including the Giant Mystery Egg & Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. Bonkers Toys also has partnered with other top creators, including Lankybox and Aphmau, to create best-selling toy lines.